Torna castle

Torna castle

Torna Castle is located on 345m high hill above village of Torna (Turňa nad Bodvou) in Slovak Republic, midway between Kassa (Košice) and Rozsnyó (Rožňava). The castle is approximately 30 kilometers from Kassa (Košice). The castle be in ruins, but it dominates the view of surrounding area. The east wall of mansion and its gothic windows are visible from long distances. The ruins of renaissance towers, with some canon portholes are beautiful, too.

Torna castle was originally built by the family of Tornay to protect one of major roads of north Hungary. They got the building permit from I. Great Louis in 1357. Three sons were built the mansion on the west side, perhaps the tower on the contrary side, and the walls, which interconnects them. The tower maybe is older than the other parts of castle, it comes from 13. century.

In 15. century castle became the center of Torna ’s county. During this century Torna castle had several owners. When the family of Tornay died out in 1406, the castle was given to another family, which also picked up the name Tornay. This family became famous for rob the neighborhood, and they defiance to king, too. Meanwhile, attacks of the Hussites also afflicted the area. They besieged the Torna castle, too.

The king confiscated the castle from family of Tornay in 1475, and then sold it for Imre Szapolyai. In the next century castle changed hands several times between the noble families of Szapolyai, Bebek and Magócsi.

During the time of the Ottoman occupation of the southern territories of Hungary in 16. century, Torna castle was fortified against the advancing armies. Castle was modernized and refurbished in renaissance style. These modernizations included an enormous new Italian-style rondelle on a western side and some enforced bastions on the other sides. The outer castle was being built at this time, too.

The Hungarian history of these years is very complicated. The country divided into three parts, southern terrorities of Hungary was owned by Turkish, the west side by Habsburg monarchy, and the east side by Transylvanian monarchs. Torna was on the border of three parts, and so the castle was besieged several times by enemies of all three parts. In the 17. century castle became obsolete, but still many times helped the anti-Habsburg rebels. This was the reason that the Habsburg ruler orders its demolish in 1685.

Now the castle is in ruins. The walls of castle need resurrection and conservation, because they are crumbling.

Torna castle - winter
Torna castle - tower
Torna castle - western rondell
Torna castle - palace
Torna castle - crenel