Szádelő gorge

Szádelő gorge - turists

One of the most beautiful place of Gömör-Tornai Karst is the Szádelő gorge. This gorge was changing and growing over millions of years. Stream erosion digs them deeper and wider. The most quaint formation of Szádelő gorge is the 105 meters tall gendarme, called Cukorsüveg. It is a beloved target for climbers. Gorge also has some caves, and other karst features.

Fauna and flora of gorge and of plain above them is wondrous too. There’s an unusual climate and flora inversion effect in the gorge. It’s so deep and shaded that the bottom of the gorge is always much colder than the plain above, so that higher-altitude plants tend to grow low down in the gorge, while lower-altitude plants grow higher up on the warmer plain. Szádelő gorge has became a biosphere reservation to protect these natural beauties. Well-known kinds include feather grass (Stipa joannis), a spring pheasant’s eye (Adonis vernalis), a pasque flower (Pulsatilla grandis) and there are a large amount of other, mostly protected plants. The rare species of fauna include the lynx, the red or roe deer, the wild pig, badger, some kinds of bats and others. The Eastern Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca) also nest here.

The car park in front of the valley is a starting point of the trace of instructive path Szádelő gorge. Length of the trace is 6km and the elevation is 350m.

Szádelő gorge - spring pheasant's eye
Szádelő gorge - Greater Pasque Flower
Szádelő gorge - Szár stream
Szár stream